Bank Credit Dnepr invites you to participate in public tenders.


Accreditation in JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPRO" to provide services for the collection of bad debts on loans without providing clients of individuals

JOINT STOCK COMPANY BANK CREDIT DNIPRO announces accreditation of companies providing services for the recovery of bad debts without providing retail customers for cooperation in 2020.


Customer information:


Name of the customer:


EDRPOU code:


Customer location:

01033 Ukraine, Kyiv, street Zhylianska building 32

Customer contacts:

+380986517913 Valentina Strakhova

Procedure information:

Accreditation of external collection companies for cooperation in 2020

Deadline for submission of proposals:

06.03.2020 р.

Expected cost:


Service information:



Type of service:

Послуги по стягненню проблемної заборгованості по кредитам без забезпечення клієнтів фізичних осіб

writing a separate part or parts of the service:

  • Проведення перемов від імені Банку з клієнтами - боржниками Банку щодо погашення заборгованості
  • Надсилання повідомлень клієнтам - боржникам Банку щодо погашення заборгованості
  • Здійснення заходів щодо врегулювання заборгованості клієнтами - боржниками Банку

Place of delivery of goods or place of performance of works or provision of services:

01033 Україна, м. Київ, вул. Жилянська буд. 32

Delivery period:

по 31 березня 2021 р.

Address for submission of proposals

Подати пропозицію у вигляді заповненої excel таблиці (форма додається) потрібно до 17.00 06.03.2020р. на електронну пошту

Qualification application

Competition for selection of a qualified expert for the provision of services for external evaluation of the quality of the Bank's internal audit

JSC "BANK CREDIT DNIPRO" announces a competition for the selection of a qualified expert to provide services for external assessment of the quality of internal audit of the Bank
JOINT STOCK COMPANY BANK CREDIT DNIPRO (hereinafter - the Bank) announces a competition for the selection of a qualified expert (group of experts), which may be appointed to provide services for external evaluation of the quality of the Bank's internal audit in accordance with International Standards for Professional Internal Audit Practice for 2020 (hereinafter - the Competition).
Terms and conditions of the competition:
  • The competition is held in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents of the National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Date of the announcement of the competition: November 13, 2020.

The deadline for submission of bids - until 18:00, 27.11.2020 to the e-mail address:, copy or to the postal address: 01033 Ukraine, Kyiv, street Zhylyanska 32, JSC "BANK CREDIT DNIPRO".

The main tasks of providing external quality assessment services for the Bank's internal audit include:
1) independent external quality assessment,
2) review of existing internal processes,
3) assessment of the compliance of the internal audit function with the scale of the bank's activity and the risk profile;
4) development of recommendations for improving the internal control system and developing an effective internal audit function of the Bank.

Financial and other public information about JSC "BANK CREDIT DNIPRO" is available on the bank's website on the Internet in the section "About the Bank"

To participate in the competition, please send proposals indicating compliance with the main criteria for selecting a qualified expert (group of experts), evaluation plan, evaluation period, methods and approaches to external evaluation of the quality of the internal audit function, no actual or potential conflict of interest and cost of services .

The conditions of the competition can be found in detail in the document.


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